The Results of the Eleventh Annual Talent Shortage Survey Are In.

Skilled Talent: It’s at Your Fingertips. As Organizations Report the Highest Talent Shortage Since 2007, Employers Look to Develop Their Own Workforces to Fill In-Demand Roles


ManpowerGroup’s annual Talent Shortage Survey, released today, reveals Employers across the globe are facing the most acute talent shortage since the recession, according to the latest Talent Shortage Survey, released today by ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN). Of the more than 42,000 employers surveyed, 40% are experiencing difficulties filling roles; the highest level since 2007. As skills needs change rapidly, employers are looking inside their organizations for solutions, with more than half choosing to develop and train their own people. This represents a significant jump from ManpowerGroup’s 2015 survey, when just 20% prioritized training and development to fill roles or find new skills. In the IT sector, businesses are reporting the most marked talent shortage in a number of years. IT roles jump from ninth to second place this year, the most marked demand for IT in a decade. “Upskilling our global workforce is critical to ensure organizations have the skills they need to accelerate performance and everyone has access to the opportunities on offer,” said Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup Chairman & CEO. “The best organizations know this, which is why we’ve seen a marked rise in the number of businesses focusing on training and development to fill talent gaps. We expect to see this number grow. That’s why we support companies and individuals to nurture learnability – the desire and ability to learn new skills to be employable for the long-term.”

In the United States, 46% of employers are having difficulty filling positions.  For the seventh consecutive year, skilled trade vacancies are the hardest to fill in the U.S.

U.S. jobs most in demand in 2016 U.S. jobs most in demand in 2015
1. Skilled trade workers 1. Skilled trade workers
2. Drivers 2. Drivers
3. Sales Representatives 3. Teachers
4. Teachers 4. Sales Representatives
5. Restaurant & Hotel Staff 5. Administrative Professionals
6. Accounting & Finance Staff 6. Management/Executives
7. Nurses 7. Nurses
8. Laborers 8. Technicians
9. Engineers 9. Accounting & Finance Staff
10. Technicians 10. Engineers


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